Shower Screens

We Offer Several Variant Of Shower Screens
Corner Unit Variant - Direct Mounting For BTO's Common Bathroom !
Wall To Wall Variant - Direct Mount To Existing BTO's Master Bed-Room Toilet !

Type Of Shower Screen

The Most Popular Variant Till Date.
Suitable for BTOs, Condos, Landed Properties.

Common Bathroom - Corner Entry Series.
Master Bedroom - Front Entry Series.
                                   (Wall To Wall)

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets
Weather-Proof ~ Light Weight ~ Corrosive Resistance ~ Anti Termite ~ Recyclable ~ Strength 

Full Aluminium / Semi Aluminium

Choose Between The Two.

Design Your Own Kitchen

Choose How You Want It.

Ever Heard Of Termites?

Termites Do "FLY" Into Your Homes, They Are Actually Those Insects That Are Attracted By Lights & Fly To Them!
If Your Place Is Humid Enough, Those Pest Will Settle In Your Place, Shed Their Wings And Build Nest, Right In Your Home!
If That Happens, It Will be Too Late!!

We Sometimes Joke With Our Landed Properties Clients :
If The Termites Does Come Into Your Kitchen Again,

"They Will Go Hungry As It Is All Aluminium Now! How??"

Some Will Reply: Will Get Some Wood To Feed Them This Time Round.

Top Hung Bifold Doors

We Offer Quality Bifold Doors That "Passed Tests" Run By PSB Singapore.

Please Do Not Be Mistaken These Are What Is Commonly Seen Outside. 

Not What You Think It Is.... 

Not Your Normal Bifold Door

Aluminium Swing Door / Top Hung Sliding Door


Products Compliances

Products Sold By Us; Have Passed Test By PSB Singapore, And Is Accredited With TUV Certification.